It's that time of year again: check yourself for ticks. But also, it's Seafair!

This year, we will be having our party on Seafair Saturday rather than Seafair Sunday because it is more important than ever to preserve the Sabbath and keep it holy now that we have so clearly entered the End Of Days, the time of reckoning when the heathen shall be doomed and the righteous shall ascend and our Lord and Savior will return to reclaim His rightful place in his kingdom, all praise be to him, and the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen.

Also, on Saturday there's a bitchin' fireworks show. Get this: they shoot the fireworks from the wings of airplanes--I defecate you negative.
Throw in the Blue Angels, and the whole day will seem like being in a war zone, but without the bloodshed and downward pressure on property values, and with much better refreshments.
The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels fly in a Delta formation over the bay of San Francisco during a practice run in preparation for Fleet Week air show in California
The fireworks start at dusk, so even if Saturday is your Sabbath, you can still come. And I'm pretty sure all the pilots are shabbos goy.



We'll have the kiddie pool filled (with water) and various other diversions, so bring the kids and their swimsuits.

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Bill & Beth