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Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 6:00 AM
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Subject: Seafair 2006

No, I didn’t forget, but you’ll wish I had after you fight the traffic and come to

Bill & Beth’s Almost Annual Seafair Party
9am Sunday, August 6

Sponsored by:





Featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels air show:

And the unlimited hydroplanes air show:

It’s like NASCAR, but with water and without money.


They say “don’t mess with success” (which is why I refuse to go anywhere near it) so we’ll be repeating our same tired entertaining formula:



Feel free, but not obligated, to bring food. We’ll provide way too many beverage choices.


RSVP if you’re coming so we can get a rib count.



Bill & Beth


P.S.  Score Host Bonus Points with this handy cheat sheet:


Oldest Child

Jacqueline, 8

Youngest Child

Veronica, 2

New Remodeling Project to Notice

Box Beam Ceiling & Cove Molding

Where to Smoke or Spill


OK to Pee Off Roof?

No. On roof only

Truck with All Those Stickers Yours?


It is Awesomely Cool


and So Are You

I Know




Traffic-Free Directions to Our House

·  From I-5 either direction, take the Columbian Way exit (just south of the old Rainier brewery)

·  Get in right lane and go south on 15th Ave S.

·  Veer Left in front of McPherson's Produce

·  You should now be heading east on Columbian Way, which soon changes its name to Alaska St., presumably for show business reasons.

·  Turn Right on Rainier Ave S. (heading south)

·  Go about a mile, then Left on Orcas (heading east). If a moron in a gray Honda with a gigantic wing spoiler takes your yellow light while you're trying to turn, flip him the bird again; it's the only way he'll learn.

·  Go about a mile, then Left on Wilson (heading north)

·  Go about a half mile, then Right on S. Alaska St. (Noah's Grocery on corner)

·  Go 1 block. We're in the house on the SE corner (5103 S. Alaska St.) Parking will be scarce, so head south 1 block to the park, around which there should be plenty of parking


"Your Directions Still Suck" Help-Line: 206 721 2418