Hey You! Yes, you. The middle-aged guy.

Hairline in Retreat? Locks Thinning?
Don't Despair.
Accept It. Celebrate It.

Male pattern baldness is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, evidence suggests that baldness is caused by testosterone, the male hormone. So if you're a grown man with a thick, full head of hair, you're something of a hormonal wuss.

That's just one of the amazing things you'll learn when you join the FBGA:

Future Bald Guys of America™

When you join, you get:

All this for only $18.95!

So which would you rather have for $18.95: two drops of Rogaine, the transplant of a single hair, or membership in the only group in the world that will let you hold your partially denuded head high: the Future Bald Guys of America? The choice is as clear as your scalp will one day be.

Makes a great gift!